Friday, November 18, 2016

Scattered thoughts

My thoughts are scattered. Why shouldn’t they be? Couldn’t explain the frenetic pace even if I wanted to___ i believe in God. Yeah! Who doesn’t?
I’ve disappointed him. He tracks me. He sees me. Sometimes I wonder what he thinks when he looks at me. The bible says he loves me. I find that hard to believe. There isn’t much to love about me. I am disobedient, I don’t listen and most often I let my emotions and lusts drive me.
He is my Father __ the only one that matters. He gave me this gift __ the only thing I have. I am not so dumb I don’t know without him I am not worth the dirt I walk on.
Its taking so long. My fault __ A result of my not thinking enough. Being bold, different, taking the necessary steps needed. Freedom unhinged in a moment.
I could argue about my circumstances, but that argument rings hollow in my ears. My sisters have rightly told me I should step up and be a man. I was pissed but they are right. Right now, I am not the man, I am just someone trying to be the man.
Mum thinks differently. But what else would she say? Mum’s are nice like that.
The heavens turn a tide crimson, sun’s blazing __ evening is a-coming. Then another night will come calling. Another night of regret and continuous censure, as I beat myself up left, right and centre facing what could be a happily ever after.
The pressure is heavy __ my breaths have never been this steady. I hear the word bebop and rock-steady. I am ready!

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