Monday, May 19, 2014

She and my strange world

She and my strange world

May 11, 2014 at 10:30pm
They say you have to travel into the person's inside to see
I entered her private space and realized
Why she felt as she did

I looked at her humble beginnings and tears threatened to overpower me
Maybe this was what God wanted me to see
He wanted me to have insight to what makes her tick
I think now I understand her better than I ever did
Because of what I have seen
I realize now that God has been extremely kind to me
Inspite of my sins he brought me under the shadow of a mother
Who defended me
He empowered her to provide the best for me
She lacked everything to ensure I had all that I would ever need
And even now she continues to do this
I see my mother inside her sad somewhat determined spirit
Against all odds she has vowed to rise above it
And through it all she didn't do what she could easily have done
She didn't sell herself short
By selling her body to touts!
She believed in love
And fought for a better life for herself and the world
What manner of girl is she I thought?
I just wish I could do more
Otherwise why else was I born?
Only God can help me, help her
God help us all
Only in him can our sadness become happiness and joy

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