Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lone Ranger trailer packs a whollop

The Lone Ranger’: New Trailer Delivers Wild Action in the Wild West

By | Movie Talk – 2 hours 13 minutes ago
Armie Hammer & Johnny Depp in Walt Disney Pictures' 'The Lone Ranger'
"The Lone Ranger": the summer's biggest thrill, or its biggest headache?
The charming character nuances of previous trailers for Disney's Wild West extravaganza are tossed into the ravine in favor of all action, all the time in the latest look at the big-screen extravaganza "from the team that brought you the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' logo."
Really, Johnny Depp isn't allowed to spew one single wise n' witty quip as Tonto and the Lone Ranger (Armie Hammer) ride (and sometimes seemingly fly) their horses through a maelstrom of chases, explosions, fisticuffs, gunfights, and the occasional cutaway to some random bit of dialogue ("He's coming for you" says someone, referring to someone, God only knows who). Really, John Reid is dead and resurrected within the first handful of seconds, and from there it's the wildest vision of the West that $250 million can buy.
The action is heavy on the chaos, which brings back not-so-fond memories of the exhausting set pieces of the third "Pirates" movie that succeeded in sucking away all of the fun and charm that made its two predecessors such delights. This new trailer serves as quite the visual aid to "The Lone Ranger" Q&A at CinemaCon last month, where director Gore Verbinski described the production as a near-insurmountable endeavor that was more woe than "Heigh Ho" and perhaps an undertaking that was just too big for its own good... even for Disney, the Great Gatsby of cinematic party-throwers.
It's interesting and a little bewildering that Disney is pushing the action set pieces so aggressively in this new trailer when a few new funny lines from Depp would pre-sell just as many tickets (probably more, actually). Here's hoping the film itself finds the balance between senses-pummeling razzle-dazzle and an at least sort-of coherent plot with memorable character moments.
"The Lone Ranger" opens July 3.
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