Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Words of pain and doubt

Its the tick
Then the tock
And I realize I am lost
There are no words to describe this hurt
This emptiness I feel when I look at the world
The words that used to mean something
Mean little or nothing anymore

There is a pause
Like every inconsequential thing
I've come across
I wonder why it matters at all
The land around is barren empty
Nothing has quite worked out as it should have
And I hear a voice tell me
Did you expect it would now?

That's the beauty about poetry
It searches a man's true feelings
Sadness is the easiest thing to describe
Happiness always comes at a price
Then there is joy
Now that is something I am yet to define
The heavens above me haven't been so kind
And its my fault I realize
Because who else
Can be blamed for this life
If not me
As I chase what is costlier than I realized
Can't cry
Can't shout
The strength to find is still in doubt
Ashamed of what I have to do without
I am a case for the devout
How long will I experience this drought?
Can't go on for much longer without
Help me father
Your might and your clout
Would wipe this poor traveler's doubt 

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