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Revealed!!! Wolverine's baddies

Wolverine’s World of Hurt: Baddies Silver Samurai, Viper, Yukio Bring the Pain in New Trailer

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Hugh Jackman as Logan in 20th Century Fox's 'The Wolverine'
The official trailer for "The Wolverine" has been unleashed in all its berzerker rage.
With the new trailer comes enticing looks at some characters that many Marvel fans know and love, including the deadly Viper (who sports a snake-like tongue in this incarnation), the even deadlier Yukio (who makes short work of a few bar patrons and at least one patron's drink) and, of course, the deadliest of them all: the heavily armored (and rather tall) Silver Samurai.
The trailer wastes no time in commencing with the fan service, as we're immediately treated to a familiar face: Jean Grey (Famke Janssen), who tries (at first) to comfort a troubled Logan (Hugh Jackman), who swears to his would-be ladylove that he'll "never hurt her or anyone else ever again." Of course, sleeping next to Jean Grey is only the stuff of dreams, and soon Logan wakes up to cold reality as he's alone outside somewhere, with the smoke machines working overtime.
From there, we get what looks like a more or less faithful adaptation of the storyline created by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller that was collected in "Wolverine" Nos. #1-4 (1982), with a few new elements such as a possible "cure" for Wolverine's mutation (and immortality), making "The Wolverine" something of a thematic companion piece to "X-Men: The Last Stand" (2006).
It's exciting to see Logan in Japan, getting into fights in the snow and on top of trains as he struggles with the possibility of truly becoming "human" and it's even more exciting to see that his adventures include encounters with some favorite Marvel characters.
Svetlana Khodchenkova as the Viper in 20th Century Fox's 'The Wolverine'
ViperRussian actress Svetlana Khodchenkova (which could be the name of a Marvel character in and of itself) takes on the role of Viper, one of the classic enemies of both the X-Men and the Avengers. Originally a high-ranking operative of HYDRA (the evil organization in "Captain America: The First Avenger") and known as Madame Hydra, she later assassinated a supervillain codenamed Viper and took the handle for herself. She traditionally doesn't have any superhuman powers but she has the strength and stamina of an Olympic athlete and is known to use experimental weaponry that feature snake motifs, such as venomous darts or artificial fangs filled with poison. In "The Wolverine," she appears to be in some sort of "mad scientist" mode as she participates in Logan's "cure" and seems to have taken a step into mutant territory herself with her snake-like tongue. Hot!
Rila Fukushima as Yukio in 20th Century Fox's 'The Wolverine'
Rila Fukushima plays the purple-haired Yukio, the ronin assigned to track down Wolverine and take him to Yashida (Hal Yamanouchi), a man whose life Logan saved decades earlier. A wild sword-for-hire, Yukio's traditional weapon of choice is the shuriken (commonly known as a "throwing star"), though in the trailer she mostly wields a sword as she slices and dices her way through a tavern of thugs without breaking a sweat.
Will Yun Lee as the Silver Samurai in 20th Century Fox's 'The Wolverine'
Kenuichio Harada / Silver Samurai
Silver Samurai may be "The Wolverine" ensemble member whose got fans buzzing the most, as earlier teasers gave us a tantalizing glimpse of this mighty (and rather large) mega-warrior. Kenuichio Harada (played by Will Yun Lee) first appeared in "Daredevil" #111 (July 1974) as the illegitimate son of Yashida with the mutant power to charge almost anything -- most notably his katana -- with energy (known as a "tachyon field"). This allows his weapon to slice through pretty much every substance -- except, of course, adamantium, the material that Wolverine's skeleton and claws are made of. Harada's imposing samurai armor earned him the name of Silver Samurai, and in the trailer he attacks a snoozing Logan (hopefully our hero will realize at some point that going to sleep just does him no good).
Anyway, we're more than ready for not just a pretty-good "X-Men" movie but a great one. It looks like "The Wolverine" just might deliver, bub.
"The Wolverine" opens July 26.
See Logan, Viper, Yukio, & Silver Samurai in the new trailer for 'The Wolverine'...

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