Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Scary Bike Accident scene

Scary Scene As Drag Racer Crashes At 230 MPH

When an athlete is "lucky" to come away from an accident with only a broken ankle, you know it must've been frightening.
And that is surely the case with Australian drag racer Chris Matheson. During the Sydney Dragway’s 2013 Nitro Champs event, Matheson was speeding at around 230 miles per hour when he took a nasty tumble off his bike.
Matheson, a former Australian National Drag Racing Association (ANDRA) Top Bike champion, makes it one quarter of the way through his run when he appears to be knocked off his bike by the force of the wind.
He rolls on the ground for what appears to be about 100 feet before finally coming to a stop. And according to reports, he walked away with only a broken ankle along with some bumps and bruises.
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