Saturday, May 7, 2016

Batman V Superman and CW

I am a superhero junkie. Any film with a great story line and a good deal of visual exuberance works for me. I loved Batman V Superman. To me the interpretation of a much darker dark knight who has spent so long fighting crime that he is now disillusioned and vengeful really resonated with me.
What puzzled was how the vast majority hated the movie. I concluded perhaps I am the slow empty one who is easily swayed and taken in by good visuals and ignorant about what makes good film making. I wouldn't know.
The movie wasn't without its faults but I left the cinema really satisfied with what I got and really looking forward to what Warner Bros and DC had to cook up in the future. That doesn't make me a DC fanboy totally, cos  I do enjoy some of the Marvel films. My best being Captain America Winter Soldier.
That to me is still one of the best superhero movies till date. It delivered on every level. I can't say the same for the rest of their heroes. Iron Man doesn't do it for me. Don't get me wrong, I love Downey. He is one of my favorite actors but the whole Iron Man thing doesn't do it for me. Perhaps cos I don't believe it truly follows the source material. I could be wrong.
Saw Civil War on Thursday preview screening. Let me pause for a bit ___ if one was to rate a film on action alone I'd give it a solid 120%. The action sequences were WOW! But to say its a better film than BVS as some have been claiming ____ eerrrrrr___ NO!
One thing alotta BVS haters claimed was it was crammed with too many heroes and sub plots etc. What would you call CW? I for one found it a bit tiresome keeping up with so many heroes most of whom didn't have ample justification for fighting as they were doing.
The best parts of the movie to me had to be the emergence of black panther and unveiling of spidey. It was a fast and furious action fest that left you breathless with the pace of it. I credit the Russo brothers for that.
The fact they were able to combine so many heroes in one movie and still give all of them enough screen time says a lot for their capabilities as directors. I look forward to Infinity Wars. Its in good hands in my book.
That being said though ___ I still maintain BVS was the better movie all rounder. It was deeper, darker and left me thinking and debating about it with friends for weeks after its release. The only thing I see myself discussing about CW are the action sequences. But that's just me. I know am gonna enrage a few marvel fans with this but___ lol There it is. 

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