Friday, May 20, 2016

The world I live in

I struggled with what I wanted to say today and nothing seemed to come to mind. Then like a light bulb coming on in my brain I had this great epiphany. Why don’t I write a poem kind of thing? Ok that sounds good. But what would it be about? Hmnn.... this was a toughie. And then it came to me. A wise man once said you can only write about what you see, what you experience.
It’s difficult describing something you haven’t seen or experienced. Can I get a witness somebody? Ok without wasting anymore of your time. I best get right to it.

The World in which I live

The world I live is something that cannot be described; it is something that is best seen with your eyes.
It is a world filled with so many lies. Where people seem to despise__ the truth
Where people could care less about their roots or even the youth; I see injustice, I see suffering, deprivation on the most extreme levels while those that govern pat themselves on the back and tell all who care to listen that they are on the level.
It is only in this world that we are forced to pay for electricity we do not use. We have light roughly four or five hours a day and when the month ends the electricity board sends __
Bills, that give life to the humorous saying that na fire dey make crayfish bend. But we have no choice but to pay, else the grim reapers will come and take the electricity away bringing darkness to stay.
It is in this same world, governors expect the workers to work without pay. In my state, five months have come and gone away, and the governor hasn’t deemed it fit to see that workers get paid. But he sits in the government office day after day, getting patted on the back that he is the messiah and has done us good in the most beautiful of ways. This is the world I wake up to everyday.
But it’s not all bad. After all I have it better than most __ some would say. A car (though old) which runs well and has satisfactory air conditioning which keeps the heat at bay, a house to stay with another on the way.
God has been kind to me I guess. But I shiver at the suffering all around me as people suffer to stay, cling to an existence that hurts in the worst kind of way.
God where is thy face? Do not let these injustices go unanswered. Do something and save. Perhaps then the darkness can be erased. And maybe, just maybe light and prosperity would have come to stay.

This, my father is what I pray. Hear me and answer speedily and let my world be great. Do not leave us to such grim a fate. I pray you hear us and me today. I love you father, you are great. Am glad you put me on the slate to do great things and relate, To give me so great a destiny and an enviable fate. YOU MY FATHER ARE GREAT!

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