Monday, May 2, 2016

Loving a country

I love my country....
Yeah that's a hell of a great way to begin a blog post, but i couldn't think of anything better.
Nigeria is a beautiful place filled with great people. Beyond the landscape, the rich natural resources and the million and one things that make this place unique is an unfortunate blight on the otherwise perfect and serene environment.
The people are suffering. A great percentage live on less than a dollar a day. When you consider how wealthy the country is in terms of natural resources its quite sad considering. It will be easy for me to heap all the blame on the corrupt leaders. God knows they deserve it.
After all, billions of tax payers dollars that should be ploughed back into the country to provide much needed basic amenities, city infrastructure, health care and education are being stolen by our leaders. Panama papers anyone?
Our senate president is being indicted for multi count charges of corruption and looting and he still sits in the senate administrating justice in the nation's capital. Its only in Nigeria such a thing can happen.
But before we heap all the blame on them lets consider this for a moment. I remember queuing in a fuel station a couple of weeks ago and I saw the rabid, almost animalistic behavior of some of my beloved citizens. Most were refusing to stay on the queue and when they were called up on it caused such a ruckus that the owners of that station were forced to stop selling.
I was forced to come to the inescapable conclusion that the average citizen is the problem the nation has.
I remember Micheal Jackson's song Man in the Mirror. He appealed to each individual to change his ways. Every change in a nation must begin with the man in the mirror. With US! Before our country will heal we must first heal ourselves. Fix every character defect we all have, only then will the country improve. Ask yourself this ___ even if you became the president, would the nation improve under your leadership or get worse? The country is not the land or the buildings, the country is the people. And until the people make a choice to put away self and consider others, we will never move forward.
Think about this

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