Sunday, October 9, 2016

An excerpt from my zombie apocalypse trilogy titled Holocaust

The machine gun hung heavy, the strap biting into his shoulder. The falling rain was blinding, it fell in sheets. He could barely see. He heard the feral growls ten feet into the undergrowth, a stone throw from where he stood in mud that reached his knees.
He ducked down as he saw the first shadow flit by. If he hadn't been sensitive he might have missed it. It was followed by another and yet another. His heart grew grim. They were hunting him.
He went into a crouch praying with all his heart that the rain and mud would mask his scent. The authorities hadn't quite decided if they reacted to smell.
The one in front paused, the suit he wore was ragged, tattered and strewn with holes. Might have been a banker or something before he was stricken with the Evonso virus.
His red eyes drifted in his direction. He held his breath clutching the submachine gun even tighter. He was low on ammo. He didn't know if he had enough to kill them all. He could hear more running amongst the trees. This didn't look good.
The faint sound of rotor blades drifted their way. Their reaction was instantaneous. They took off heading towards the sound at a fast sprint. The night slowly stilled. And then he was truly alone.
He stepped out of the mud, wiping the water off his face. The rain still fell hard. He looked around trying to get his bearings. He was still some distance from safety.
He took off with a sigh, running as if the hounds of hell were chasing him.

He reached the hill about an hour later. The race through the cave took another fifteen minutes and he was back on his perch looking at the abandoned cluster of buildings. A city that used to be called Lagos.
He removed a tiny pair of binoculars from his right pocket and raised it to his eyes. he saw the helicopter hovering over a tall building, the light from the halogen lamp twirling in long measured sweeps.
It had been ages he'd last seen one. He didn't know any still flew. It looked like a military helicopter. What were they looking for?
As he watched he saw dark shapes leaping from building to building, tearing towards the helicopter. These forms were larger than the infected. His heart started to race. This wasn't good for those in that helicopter.
A hail of tracer bullets burst from the helicopter raining down on the dark forms. It had little effect. The two in front took a long leap smashing into the side door. It crumpled like paper. He could hear the faint screams as it plummeted smashing into the side of a building before it exploded, the mushroom cloud explosion lighting up the darkness.
His heart grew grim. Idiots! What were they searching for? Anyone with an ounce of sense should have known Lagos was off limits whether by land or air.
He turned back into the cave. It was time to prepare something to eat.

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