Sunday, October 23, 2016


Its a hot day, pretty hot for a late October Sunday. There is no electricity, no surprise there right?
Feeling restless I left the house and drove to the cybercafe to charge my phone and laptop so I could do some work.
Mum called to say the electricity is back on. Now I debate with myself if I should head back home or remain here.
There is every temptation to remain. I could rush home and the light would go again and I'll be back at one.
Sitting in the café writing this blog post on my phone I start to reminisce, my thoughts drifting to days when life seemed a whole lot simpler.
I remember days sitting around the dinning table with my siblings consuming plates of boiled yam and palm oil. The real treat was when mum bought roasted plantain and we ate it with palm oil
Or during Christmas season, we'll lie awake all night praying for day to come so we could open up our presents.
I remember how happy we were then. We felt nothing could go wrong. As we got older, we became wiser, our great nation went into decline. Some of us got married, while I fell ill and almost died.
Now we are scattered around the globe, each doing our own things.
I walk through these walls, drive round this lil old town and remember all those beautiful memories while facing my great future.
It's good to remember the good past but like every wise man will tell you don't dwell there permanently. I had some fun beautiful times but I guess it's time to make some beautiful more desirable moments that will stand the test of time

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