Sunday, October 16, 2016

Freedom from pain

I feel the darkness, I feel the pressure. Like five ton weights weighing heavy on me. I hear the promises, feel the goodness the words bring. I feel like a king, unhindered, undisturbed with light speed motion. I feel the power, his power not my power ---- his power surging, strengthening carrying me across voids I would most likely be unable to cross.
I hear a voice_____ dark, benign, strangely unpleasant to the hearing. He screams at me. Talks to me. Tries to get me to believe I can never be free. I can never rise, possess my place amongst the stars, silence the fiends who keep asking where is my God.
Then I hear another voice. A soft kind, mercy filled voice. I hear what he says and it's like peace came to me to stay.
I love the way____ his ways. Why?
Because his love has come to stay. Now there shall be no more delay.
Freedom peace has finally come to stay

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