Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A man or a boy.....

The hardest truths to hear are the ones you are forced to tell yourself. I ask myself a ton of questions sometimes and these questions don't give glowing commendation of my person.
I ask myself sometimes. Am I a man, a boy or something else...
Well since am almost 37 the most obvious response would be a man. I don't know about other men but a lot about my life shames me.
People say life is like that, that you're embarrassed about what you did or did not achieve, what you reached or did. Not reached, or more importantly what you feel or should not feel
I get angry sometimes, get impatient with people in ways that's hard to describe, some who are unkind would say I lack the required maturity to deal with people as they should be dealt with.
There seems to be no place in this world for someone who tells people the truth. They prefer you lie and cover up the inadequacies that hold them down.
Saying these things make them think I do not consider my own failings and inadequacies.
Little do they know I lie awake many a night hating the pathetic little existence I call my life. I constantly ask myself if my brain was shooting on all cylinders I should be further up the ladder of success than I am now. This is not being self depreciating, I call it being very strict with myself.
Am a man, a boy or something else? I don't know what I am. But I know God knows. I am betting he's up there laughing at my little identity crisis. Am a man or a boy.... I chose man. But that won't sink in until my success is in my hands
This question is one I think all should ask. Maybe then you'll measure how far you have before you breathe your last 

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