Monday, November 22, 2010


You are the only one...
She told me
I will never leave you
Were the words
You made me believe
Like the fool I was
I grinned
Believing in a dream
Till the rain came down
And washed away those dreams
Like water flushed down a latrine
Now another is before me
Telling me
I am the next best thing
Herein lies another paradox
A miasmic dream if you will
Showing me pictures of what seems so real
I touch it with my fingertips
Her eyes gleam at me
Her lips...
Hell! I cannot think
Even when I sleep
She visits me in dreams
My heart swells with each beat
And I want to tell her everything
Describe the essence of what defines me
Then the fears I thought were buried...Rise
Out of the stillness around me
I am here for you
She screams at me...Then I reach over and touch her lips
Before I kissed them
and then I am free

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