Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Up in the air

You are up there somewhere
Looking down at me
Sometimes i wonder
through those celestial thoughts of yours
I wonder
What do you see?
Are you proud of me?
Thoughts like this make it hard for me to breathe

You know what i feel
So you also know
How ashamed i am when i sin
How horrible it is sometimes to be me
You know all this so why am i tripping?
I am aware of what you expect of me
This singular knowledge
Makes it even more difficult for me
To bear this delay
The cruel hands of fate have chosen
To hoist upon me
You are up there somewhere
Privy to all that lies before me
You promised that any burden you allow
To come upon me will not be one
That will be greater than what i am able to bear
You are up there
I know you care
That is why i am here
Asking for your help
Because this fight is one i cannot fight for myself

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