Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How will they remember u?

They are chattering like magpies all around me

Saying things of no consequence

I am consumed by my thirst for better things

The fulfilment of my dreams

My hunger to be fulfilled

And they stand there

Saying things..

Doing things...

That make little sense to me

No one really sees right through me

If they did

They would know

I am bored by their entire existence

Beauties surround us

Surround me

Emptier vessels i am yet to see

Blissfully ignorant

Thinking their supple bodies

Is all they need to interest me

The place of the mind

Is of no consequence

Depth, value and tenacity

are gone with the wind


What a novelty

A thought for the naive

And the simpletons

How many even know what it really means?

I dare not speak of other words

Like trust, love, loyalty

All these are now lodged in the vaults

Of long forgotten memories

No one is who they claim to be anymore

All that surrounds us is mere folklore

Tales that no one really knows

What is true

And what is false

This decay has even encrouched into the four walls of the church

Love is not just

Between two people

Altar bound

Atempting to live a life of happily ever after

Which in most cases ends in absymal failure

It is for us all

To show the person standing next to you

That i understand what you are going through

Not everything is use, use or what can i get from you

Or what are you bringing to the table?

How do you want the world to remember you?

A man or woman of insight and impact?

Giving others hope that a tomorrow better than all others ia available

Or do you want to be seen as a taker?

Consumed by your gluttonous greed

Who passed through life and died an already forgotten memory?

Seek for how to add and you will see

How beautiful life can be

Selah this is how i see it

Now you can sue me....

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