Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A letter to Tunrayo

This is a letter to you
There is little difference to that i have already told you
And this is that i love you
Whether this is good or not
I sincerely do not know
Why i feel this way
Is what i have pondered tossing and turning
Till the dark of night turned to a pale shade of gray
In the early morning of a day i'd like to call DOOMSDAY!
You are a blessing in more ways
Than a plant could tell the sun
You make my life more colorful
With just a single ray
But HEY!
I stray
If this is wrong
I pray God in heaven
Will grant me a sweet pardon
Because now there are no words to tell
You just how much i want
What some say is impossible
Because i am on a flight i do not belong
You are the world
My world...these words
Are useless when compared to the song
Playing loudly in the throng
Of emotions
In the deepest part of me
Once i was blind
But now i see
The way the emptiness can be filled
You are a queen
Lucky me....
At least if for nothing else...
I had the opportunity to tell you this

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