Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Words of my spirit

The words are coming in a rush
My fingers struggle to keep up
My heart tells me i am in love
My head tells me
Don't rush
You know what happened the last time
You thought you were reborn
This scenario could by far be worse
Are you prepared to face what might soon come?
You know what you want
Your body grows warm
When you hear her voice
But the risk
Is it really of any worth?
Can you bear the hurt?
Can you beat your chest and say you know what gals really want?
Your sword is your words
The talent you must trade in
While you are on the earth
Chase the dream while its hot
Who cares whether you are lonely or not
God is up there
He watches from above
You've come this far under his guidance
The night is always darkest before dawn
For all intents and purposes
You are still young
Play ur harp and sing your song
If they like, let them all be gone
At least you have your words
And a loud shout of SHALOM

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