Friday, September 21, 2012

Cry to the father

I know that somewhere out there you are listening
I know that even my thoughts are privy to your counsel
I know you know when i am wise and when i am being a fool
I know you know when i feel lost and when i need a boon
I know you said that as a man thinketh in his heart then so is he too
Then why is it that the song in my heart seems to
go unheard.
You must feel my pain father PLEASE HELP!!
My strength slowly ebbs
I feel my lonesomeness and my strength fails
Take me father to where you said i should dwell
Sometimes i feel i am half alive
Most times i can hardly bear to look into anyone's eyes
Because I don't want anyone to see the shame that consumes me inside
I seem to be losing the will to fight
When father? WHEN WILL IT BE TIME?
When will the darkness become light?
You feel my pain
You see my shame
You hear my screams
Please father I beg you like Jabez
have mercy on me!
This pain is killing me

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