Saturday, September 29, 2012

Skies, Clouds and My Father

Listening to Nicki Minaj's fly
and i am taken so high
Like a kite
I soar in the Sky
My lips kissing the clouds
As i rejoice that I am alive
God has been kind
When others failed me
He stood by my side
He heard my cries
He realized
That without him I would die

Now it is time!!
As i appear before you
Take me high
Much higher than I have been before
I stare at half a dozen eyes
How do I describe?
The seemingly undescribable
How do I tell you?
Make you
Feel like I do
See what I am trying to show you

Look at me
Take a good look at me
Tell me
If what you see is real
I see the same things every night
The dreams
The future
The place God says he is taking me
Like Abraham
I hear him tell me
Keep doing what I have told you to do
And eventually the world will celebrate you
Keep doing it
And if you get discouraged
Know that I am always with you

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By the way that's me picture lol

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