Friday, September 21, 2012

Diary of a troubled soul

Its like a storm
I am lost in a place I do not belong
The rain has come
I look around and i have no one
Or anyone
To help me right this wrong.
I know i have to speak, think and feel positive
Day after day, night after night, I hear the same song
Alas my heart is so heavy
And i find it hard to continue to be strong
I think about how far i have come
One would think that after all this the end
would have come
But the road goes on
The ache in my heart refuses to go away
Each and everyday i look at the day
and hate each second of delay
How long father do i have to wait?
how long will it be till you bring me
to the promised land that you have promised me
How long will i stay?
How long will i wait?
When will you turn this bitter night to the brightness of a brand new day?
Father my strength wanes
Please father help me before I lose my faith.

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