Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dreams and a need

I see their eyes
I see their smiles
It is easy to get sucked into them if you are not careful and you do not take your time
I see what matters and it is not in their arms
Neither is it in the erotic pleasures being with them may bring
What matters is HIM! And who he created me to be
These words are the reason I exist
They burn from a furnace so deep within my spirit
That the journey to Asgard would be mere moments to the depths and forges where these words are created just before they are wielded
That is what matters not ethereal pleasures that only last for moments and bring no succor or long term satisfaction
Her lips could haunt me for a spell
Make my footsteps seem stilted and my movements staggered
But I quickly snap out of it
I mean why bother with it
When the weight of glory waiting far exceeds her pitiful benefits
The race they say is not to the swift
Might cannot bring this into reality
Only a hunger and a looking up to the one who deserves it
Only he can stem the tides that want to stop the dreams from becoming reality
This is the truth as I see it
So if she blinks too fast and too hard
Am gone and I wouldn't feel too bad about it
Because the job he wants done must be fulfilled
If it isn't then I have failed myself
And more importantly I have failed HIM! And that must not be allowed to happen

I see your smiles and I see your eyes
I can almost see your arms wide open
But the call of the other thing I see is too strong
So you must bear with me if you blink too much and I run
My problem must be solved
Till it is..... Nothing you give will hold any value to me
Nothing matters but this
And in that knowledge I AM FREE!!

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