Monday, January 28, 2013


It is closer
Every step, every breath
Brings me one step closer
So close in fact that I can almost smell her
Her sweet scent
Fantasy, heavenly sweet like valhalla!
Sometimes I feel that if I close my eyes hard enough I can see her
But the vision is conflicting
I know it could be clearer
I need her
Sounds corny
But its the truth
So I can ditch this wahala
Before I do however
I must find my laughter
And this laughter
Is something that could crown my desires

My eyes close
And once more I am taken closer
And this time like magic
I see her!
She is everything I ever imagined she would be
She is the other side of me
She is the one who sets me free
It is she that makes me breathe
And see peace!
Who is she?
Her name is peace
And I have found the one that completes me
She is a gift
With wisdom, power and mercy she came to be
A free gift God gave to me
Now I am free!!! This is the way things are supposed to be

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The images above are the front and back covers of my new book. My take on human trafficking. It will be available on Amazon, kindle, mobi and a whole host of others. Much obliged if you pick a copy when it comes out. Peace

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