Thursday, January 31, 2013

Something beyond me

I heard the call even before I was born
I heard the call even before the last song
I felt the tremors before you even came to being
I knew where I was headed before loneliness tried to become my kin
What I didn't hear was HIM!
What I didn't know was the depths that transcended time and space
What I didn't know was that nothing could replace
It was just a year ago or two that hunger and determination took the place
Of restfulness and indifference
It was a year ago that where the destination was became known and that made all the difference
Now all that matters is the journey ahead of me
All I picture is how the end will be
All that is needful is where he is taking me
That singular knowledge is what will bring freedom to me
Without that push and drive I am afraid I am nothing
Without you.... I am something, your beauty notwithstanding, the sky is my limit
All I must be is in time with his leadings!
All that matters is being one with my spirit
Anything asides from that is a wretched unforgiving
That my friends is my reason for breathing
Without that there is nothing!
Impact will be dead in the water
And I will be left without feeling
This is the true test for living

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