Sunday, January 13, 2013

Jodie Foster's speech

Jodie Foster stuns with confessional Golden Globes speech

By | Yahoo! Movies Golden Globes Blog – 40 minutes ago
Delivering a rambling and confessional speech, Jodie Foster, honored for the Cecil B. DeMille award for lifetime achievement in film at the 70th Annual Golden Globes, addressed rumors that she is a lesbian. She said, “I’m just going to put it out there, loud and proud, right? I am…single. I’m kidding.”
She added, seriously, “I came out a long, long time ago.” She added that did her coming out to friends a long time ago (though not in a public forum), acknowledged she had a female partner when she thanked Cydney Bernard, who she also called out as the co-parent of their children.
Bringing many to tears, Foster, who has been on camera most of her life as an actress and a director, suggested her career will be changing: “I’m never going to be up on this stage again. I will continue to tell stories, but from now on, I may be holding a different talking stick.”
Photo of Cydney Bernard, who Foster thanked in her speech.
Foster explained her desire for privacy, saying, “If you had been a public figure from being a toddler, maybe you too would value privacy above all else.”
Adding, “That’s reality show enough, don’t you think.” She addressed her sexuality head on, acknowledging “one of the deepest loves of my life,  “my heroic co-parent, my ex-partner in Iove, but righteous soul sister in life, most beloved BFF of 20 years, Cydney Bernard. Thank you, Cyd.”
Jodie Foster later cleared things up in the pressroom and said she is not retiring.
The 50-year-old added, “Jodie Foster is still here, I still am, and I want to be seen to be understood, deeply and to not be so very lonely.”

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