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Excerpts from my new book - Without a Voice

An hour later

Ginika face was wan and pale and her glittering eyes were fixed on the dark road ahead of her. There was an air of fear and hopelessness in the bus. It was so strong that it was palpable. Almost as if you reached out you would be able to touch it.
The short bright red skirt she wore was made of a material that scratched and itched. She didn’t know what it was. Transparent white top she wore on the other hand was comfortable and somewhat cool to her skin.
Her hair was loose round like a halo around her head. Her face lightened by powder. She wore no make up but she had lip gloss on her lips. The result was a sultry look which made her look much older than her age.
Some of the older girls had perfected the art of make up. In spite of the many times they tried to get her to try things like lipstick and eye shadow, she had politely declined.
She knew it would make her look prettier but she didn’t want to look pretty for these vile fiends that used her body. Men were disgusting creatures, always working some kind of angle just to get into your pants. What was with them and sex? It just didn’t make any sense. The irritating part was most of them weren’t any good at it.
Not that she was an expert, but girls do talk. And a lot of the older girls were kind of garrulous. They went on and on about penis sizes and what not. Most of them had relationships in the villages they were coming from so sex wasn’t strange to them.
There was one girl in particular who had been especially kind. Her name was Oyinye. She had come to Ginika the first night after she had been deflowered; none too gently by that pig. That was a kindness she knew she would not easily forget.
She helped her clean up and had given her some drugs which helped her cope with the pain. Thinking about her brought a wan smile to Ginika’s lips. She was not able to dwell on that any further because the bus pulled to a halt on the beach with a loud groan.
Sighing she rose to her feet slowly and made for the door with about half a dozen others. As soon as she stepped onto the sand, Ifeanyi fell into step with her. Turning, Ginika almost leaped back in fear because of the wild and manic look in her eyes.
“When their eyes are turned Ginika lets make a run for it!” She said in a furious whisper.
“Run? Where do we run to?”
“I don’t know! Anywhere__ I don’t know if I can go through with this.”
“You are not thinking straight Ifeanyi. Even if we run where do we go to? Do you know anyone in Lagos?”
“So you want to stay here and die?” Ifeanyi asked incredulously.
“Of course not!” Ginika snapped. “But look around you__ don’t you see those men standing around the shanty? They are armed and I don’t think they would think twice about using those guns on us.”
“We could get away__ maybe even get back to the families we were with before we were brought here.”
“Yeah we could___ but do you know the addresses of their houses? Cos I most certainly don’t.”
“What’s with you? Do you like what is happening to us? You can’t tell me you enjoy the despicable things they are making us do?”
Ginika’s face grew pale with fury and she was a hair away from slapping her friend. She took a couple of breaths to calm herself before she continued in a furious whisper.
“I am going to ignore that last statement. Besides my family you are the one who knows me best in the whole world. That you could even think such a thing is hurtful to me. I hate the things they are making us do. There are days I pray for death to come and take me. Escape is something I think about every single second of everyday. But at the moment there are no feasible ways of doing that right now.”
“We could try and tell someone, perhaps one of the customers__” Ifeanyi’s voice drifted off.
“Trust me that would be a bad idea.”
“And why is that?”
“You’ve forgotten about Genevieve? Have you seen her around recently?”
“No__ what about her?”
“Obiageli told me she told one of her customers about our plight. The man she told was killed and his body dumped and Genevieve was well___” She paused.
“Well what?”
“No one has seen her since.”
There was a pause. They were almost at the shanty by now.
“How does Obiageli know this?”
“You know she has now become the Boss’s girl? Well she heard one of his men giving him the report. They felt she was asleep you see.”
A thrill of fear ran down Ifeanyi’s spine. Sensing this, Ginika put her hand on Ifeanyi’s shoulder and squeezed gently.
“This thing is bigger than us am afraid Ifeanyi. If we don’t want to become a casualty, we have to proceed with caution.”
“GET IN AND STOP TALKING!” A tall brawny man dressed in all black barked.  He stood about five feet away from them and he had a hard frown on his black craggy face.
‘See you later__” Ginika mouthed at Ifeanyi before ducking behind the curtain of her room and sinking down on the soft bed.
She heard the loud thumps of footsteps outside the room five minutes later and the curtain was lifted as a plump man in a black suit stepped in. her eyes closed of their own accord as he quickly removed his clothes and crossed over to the bed. When his heavy body sank down on the bed she retreated into her special place.

Chapter Eighty Three

The fields were different this time. They were still somewhat greenish, but some of the blades of grass had a reddish hue to it. The sky was not blue. It was emerald green. The sun so red it was almost black.
Ginika was reminded of the color of blood as she looked at it. Turning right she started in the direction where she thought the house should be; only that it wasn’t. At least she couldn’t spot it even after walking for about thirty minutes which was about the time it usually took her to get to it.
Pausing for a couple of minutes, she turned around in a half circle, debating whether to go back the way she had come or still proceed further. Deciding on the latter she took off at a brisk stride wiping a bead of sweat off her brow. Sweat? That was strange. There was never sweat. At least not here; what the hell was going on then?
Her strides became longer. Something wasn’t quite right. A feeling stirred in the depths of her being. She was about to discover something. And something told her that this discovery was one she wasn’t going to like.
She walked and she walked. How long she walked was what she could not say. Eventually she came to the house. It was much smaller than she remembered it and for some frightening reason it looked just like the room she stayed in when she wanted to entertain customers.
There was another strange thing. She didn’t come outside to welcome her as she usually did. That meant? She paused hardly daring to believe it. That meant she was ready to know what was on the inside.
Taking a deep breath to calm herself, she walked to the door and tried the handle. It opened of its own accord and to her surprise she didn’t see her. She saw a woman in her early thirties who looked so familiar.
The room looked like the inside of her family hut back home. The woman was naked with her legs spread wide. A man lay between her legs and he was thrusting almost violently. Ginika was afraid he was hurting her until she heard her loud moans which showed she was enjoying it.
“Yes__ yes Chukwudi! Give it to me harder.”
Ginika froze! Chukwudi! That was her stepfather’s name. She took a step closer and took a closer look at the couple. Only then did the penny drop. It was her stepfather! And the woman writhing underneath him was her mother.
She wanted to turn away but found she couldn’t. Her eyes were frozen fixed on the coupling couple as they satisfied their vile lusts. Suddenly a door opened to her right. She turned startled not realizing there was another door inside the room.
A man stood in the doorway watching her stepfather and her mother make love. The look on his face was one of horror. It took only a half second for her to recognize him. He was her father.
“By the gods!” He gasped clutching his chest.
Her stepfather leaped to his feet shocked.
“Please James its___”
He got no further as her father collapsed on the hard earth outside the hut. Her mother got up and raced to her husband’s side. His skin by this time was slightly grey and he shook and twitched as if a hundred thousand volts of electricity were being sent through him. A moment later he was still.
Her mother’s cries turned to loud wails of anguish as her stepfather rushed forward and began to shake her father. No one noticed the small five year old girl watching what was happening two feet away.

“Now you know.” A quiet voice said behind her.
Ginika turned looking into the sad brown eyes of the girl. Sorrow flooded her insides and she cried like she had never cried before. The girl immediately stepped forward and took her into her arms. And then for an awkward moment she didn’t seem like a girl but a man. Her father’s sad eyes suddenly locked with hers shinning from the young girl’s sockets before her special place imploded with a loud boom showering her with light and a scent which smelt like jasmine.

Ginika came to, to see the plump fart still rutting over her. Tears streamed down her cheeks with the shock of what she had just discovered and she cried like she had never cried before.
“Yes cry you little bitch!” The man cried still thrusting.
For some strange reason he seemed turned on by her tears.
“A slut like you deserves it rough the way I am giving you__ so take it__”
His voice faded into oblivion. His hateful words were not important. What was important was what she had just realized. If all else collapsed, it couldn’t be worse than what she now knew.

Hours later

The ride back to the little settlement was quiet. Ifeanyi kept casting anxious glances at Ginika. She seemed strangely subdued. Shell shocked even. As if she had just made some awful discovery. She reached over and squeezed her hand.
Usually when she did that, Ginika would smile or at least turn to face her. This time she did nothing of the sort. She simply glanced with dead eyes at the long road in front of her.

One day later

“Why did you say we aren’t going to the beach today?” Oyinye asked her question directed at Obiageli.
She was a plump heavy set girl in her mid twenties clad in a long black dress. Obiageli gave her a long look and took several deep breaths before responding.
“I think the police have been sniffing around the beach. One of the boss’s men said they received a tip that girls were being prostituted there.”
“That’s a good thing isn’t it?” A slim girl called Bridget asked. She was one of the more recent additions to their flock.
“I don’t think so__” A tall girl wearing a navy blue tee shirt and black shorts said.
“They carry out those raids all the time. All they want is money. When they give them money you never hear from them for another couple of months.”
The room became so silent that you could hear a pin drop. Ginika’s eyes narrowed as she looked at the tall girl. According to what she had heard, the girl had been here the longest. About five years she had been told. So if she said that was what was happening then it might be wise to take her word for it.
“So that means in essence that in a couple of days tops we are back to spreading our legs?” Ifeanyi asked in horror. For a half second she had actually dared to hope that they would soon be getting out of here.
“More or less__” Obiageli said with a mirthless laugh.
“I fail to see what you find so amusing.” Ginika said with both of her eyebrows raised.
“Yes why are you laughing?” Another girl yelled.
Ginika’s eyes widened in shock, she was usually a quiet one. Since she had gotten here Ginika couldn’t remember ever hearing her speak even once.
“Not all of us have it so easy the way you do.” The girl continued still glaring.
“What do you mean so easy?” Obiageli asked her voice becoming dangerously quiet.
“The only person you have to spread your legs for is the boss. Not like us who have to spread ours for every tom, dick and harry they designate to us.”
“So that’s what you all think do you? You think I have it easier than you all do?”
“Don’t you?” The girl shot back.
There was a long moment of uncomfortable silence. Then to everyone’s surprise Obiageli stood up and took off her clothes. They all gasped in shock as about two dozen raw looking scars appeared before their eyes.
“This__” Obiageli said pointing at a crescent shape burn on her right thigh very close to her sex. It still looked very raw and a reddish white liquid seeped from it.
“He gave me that yesterday using a boiling ring. I think he finds it exciting watching me squirm and then scream with pain.”
She turned exposing her back. On her waist was a long black scar. It rose about half an inch off her skin.
“That was a month ago with a pen knife. He gave me that when I didn’t want him to take me in the ass. I could show you dozens more if you want. Do you still think I have it easier than you?”
The silence that followed was unnerving. A couple of the girls (Ginika inclusive) lowered their heads in shame.
“I would gladly take anyone of your places and have two dozen men take me every day. But of course I can’t and you want to know why? I can’t because our good boss has taken a liking to me. If I wasn’t such a coward I would take my life before he takes it for me. You guys stew on that for a while and think twice before you verbally attack anyone.”
She quickly put her clothes back on and walked out of the room leaving all the girls staring at the closed door in shock.

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