Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I hear a call
Sweet, soft, poignant
It strikes a chord
Deep within my soul
It fills me
Consumes me
Gives peace
The call begins to make me
I hear a voice
Soft, sweet
A tingle like electricity
Moves on the inside of me
He sings to me
His song brings me peace
Brings release
Removing every burden from me
Making me free

I hear a song
It’s in his words
I read through them
And I am reborn
Rejuvenated by his sweet words
That have now become songs
In my heart
The path before me is now illuminated
I know how to go now
What to do now
Because of the call
Because of his voice
And his song
Which has now become
The mirror on my wall
The blueprint to my soul
Because of this I am home again

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