Friday, May 4, 2012

African Fantasy by Akintomide Ifedayo Adigwe

Hi everyone,
My name is Akintomide Ifedayo Adigwe. I am a self published author with several books in print and online formats like epubs, rtf, don't want to bore you with the details. You can go to this address to check out
This is my blog and i make it a habit to post interesting articles and poetry which i would like your views and comments about if you have the time.
This present post is just to discuss about my books and explain what they are all about....
I have written a trilogy of African fantasy novels titled Konga... It is the story of an ancient Yoruba warrior who becomes dissatisfied with the primary God of the land called Olorun and curses him. His actions opens his soul for possession by an evil fallen elder god called eshu who leads him on a path of wanton destruction through the ancient city of Ife in a bid to oust the true king.
His bid for conquest is foiled by a loyal priestess of Olorun who exorcises him and turns him back on the path of good. The three books trace his adventures and increase in powers till he eventually becomes a deity highly respected by the Yoruba people.A good read even if i say so myself wink....but i guess i have to let the readers be the judge.. so the first fifteen people who are interested i'll send you a PDF of the book free as soon as you give me your email addresses
My other work of fiction is a crime political thriller based on real events occurring in Nigeria at the moment. You can explore them all by following the link above or check it out here again

Thank you for your time and patience.

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