Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Sing to me father
Tell me tales of endless laughter
Show me a world of wonders
Wipe my tears
And take me further
Do not let my iniquities
Make you hide your face from me
Save me

Sing to me my comforter
My spirit is tired
This world of harder
Refine me O Refiner
Smoothen the rough places
Take me to pleasant places
Let me see sweet faces
Strenghten my foundations
Shatter every wall of Jericho
Cover me like a shroud
Put me in a capsule
A bubble of your power
Carry me higher

Sing to me Alpha and Omega
Frustrate my enemies
Make them sing
A song of madness
You are my father
Because of you
I hear my enemies say
That’s why we are MAD
That’s why we are SAD
But because you sing to me
I wear a crown
I am reborn
I am
The one

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