Sunday, May 20, 2012


I hear what you say
It rings in my soul
You speak to me
Telling me where to go
To save me from being alone
So when I sow
I will reap ten folds
The way I should
Yet I refuse
Then I complain I do not grow
I am brought low
Its not you…it has never been
It’s me
Because I refuse to do what I am told

You love me
This I know
Even more than I deserve
I was lost.. dead even
Yet you brought me home
Now you want me to prosper
But to do that
There is what I must do
And its this doing
I struggle with
It has never been your fault
It has always been mine
Cos I don’t go where you want me to go

Forgive me
I do not want to struggle any longer
I am ready to see your wonders
Help me father to do what I must do
Help me to obey you
And put this disobedience far from me
To my King of kings

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