Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I look in her eyes and i cannot speak
My smile fades as the implication of what she says sinks in
I can barely breathe
But in a strange way i knew i was expecting it
Now i am free
Not cos i wanted to be
I am free because of the choice that was made
that did not include me

Freedom looms before me
A huge barren wasteland...
Fear fills my spirit at the expanse of it
But i cannot stay frozen
Movement beckons from within
And i take the first step into freedom
For a while it stings
And then before i know it
A happiness i cannot describe
surges through my insides like the blood
pumping through my veins
In my mind's eye I became
What i always wanted to be

Happy, fulfilled, rich...
In content and in physical well being
I don't expect whoever is reading this to understand what i feel
Neither do i expect you to agree with me
But sometimes Alone is what you must be
If the plan God has for your life will ever be fulfilled
She left and it did sting
But now am more than glad she did
Now I am free
Now I am fulfilled
Now I can be what i have always wanted to be
Now I can be

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