Wednesday, July 6, 2016

A dance with the dark

They take us for fools. Yeah hell of a way to begin but I am just so angry.
Let me tell you a little story. It's a story centered on an incompetent company which used to be owned by an even more incompetent government.
It has been known by many names. It used to go by NEPA which means National Electric Power Authority. That is humorous by the way because it was never an authority on anything least of all power. That being said it now goes by the name Phcn which means the Power Holding  Company. This name is more apt since they rarely provide electricity for more than four hours a day and that is on the best day. So it's fair to assume they are simply living up to their name.
Today we've had almost four hours light between the morning and afternoon alone. This fact brings suspicion. It's unlike them. I can only surmise that since they've given more light this week it means they are about to bring the electricity bill which I should add will most certainly be inflated and bloated. There is no way on God's green earth we can run up the bills they present to us based on my above analysis.
In civilized countries we'd have boards and unions to protect us from this sort of extortion which is nothing short of criminal. But why should I complain about the extortion of private companies when our government officials have made it their singular duty to keep extorting and cheating us.
The phone bills and Internet access we pay for has some of the highest charges in the world. The telecommunication companies would argue that the lack of constant electricity makes them run their businesses totally on generators. The extra cost this runs up is transferred down to who else? We consumers.
The situation in this nation is one that defies any logical situation. The present administration was an extremely harsh critic of the former. They gave us a long list of how quickly they would effect a change if they were elected. Now more than one year later things are much worse. The economy is in a harsh recession, 27 States out of 36 aren't paying salaries. This is not cos the money is not there but people are stealing it.
My biggest grouse however is with the electricity. Two to four hours out of twenty four is inhuman. Anyone who doesn't have a generator has resigned himself and his family to an eternity of darkness. The day your generator starts acting up is the day you know you're in a heapload of trouble.
I want you to give a shout out to a nation that has failed it's citizens in every conceivable way. Though some may argue that the nation is its citizens so we have failed ourselves. May God deliver us, but while we wait for God we should also keep it in mind that God helps those who help themselves. Nuff said 

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