Thursday, July 28, 2016

I saw the future

I saw the FUTURE! Yes __ I did. This isn't some scifi post apocalyptic vision, but the real future. The future my heavenly father showed me. I saw myself blessed beyond belief, living life, living the dream. Married to a queen with a little prince and princess standing beside me.
I saw another, this part was more like a dream, but a dream that you know is real. I saw the third, a princess from my loins destined to be the greatest the world has ever seen. In this vision I had achieved, I wasn't there yet but it was a very good start I believe.
I saw myself standing with my glorious family to snap a portrait while I wrote a long letter of exaltation to the King of kings! For how far he had taken me. I knew in my heart that what I saw is real.
He showed me just now as I sat in this cafe updating my PC. I write this post as a testament to that vision and I pray he will refer my mind back to it when the day comes to be. I know now that God is all there is to be. To be loved by him is a privilege I am not sure is deserved by one such as me.
The only thing I can ask now is release your grace upon me and take me from this present into that future with all speed. Release that grace to follow you to the end of my days, release the grace for me to right my ways. Release the grace for me to stay with you and in you and you in me.
Release the grace for me to be all I can be. The grace to love you even half as much as you love me.
I saw the future father ___ the great future you showed me.
I saw you __ I saw them __ and it was better than how I ever pictured it to be. For now only the queen is with me ___ I eagerly await the prince and the princesses and all is complete.
I saw you father and I saw them and it was a ALL AND MORE than I imagined it to be. I saw the future and its right in front of me 

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  1. Even though the future seems far away,
    it is actually beginning right now. See the link below for more info.