Thursday, July 21, 2016

Pegged as a continent

I love writing... If I was to list my many weaknesses on a scale of preference then writing would most definitely top the list.
But now that I think about it, that's not entirely accurate. Let me explain... I don't write just because I love doing it.. I write because am compelled to. Stories, ideas start to explode inside me and the pressure won't let up until I release it by putting pen to paper or finger to keyboard as the case might be.
I've written quite a few books as a result not counting tons of poems, articles and such. Honing my art and becoming better at what I do is a hunger that consumes me.
That being said I feel saddened sometimes by the way the world perceives African literature. We are put into a slot kind of.... In my opinion.
It seems to me that what most publishers and organizations that support African writing expect from us are stories centered on political unrest, human trafficking, civil war and the likes. They are not likely to take a Nigerian writing science fiction seriously. Which I think is wrong and a big mistake... There are many beautiful stories out there just waiting to be told... But if a writer cannot find a good platform to tell said stories what becomes of him. Nine times out of ten he gives up and decides to face reality.. A wise man once said that the graveyard is the richest place on earth. Where all manner of treasures and talents are buried with people who didn't or couldn't reach their full potential.
Any of these writing competitions don't just judge the strength of your writing or prose, they have other determining factors like societal relevance et al.
I miss the days when a guy would just go out and write a real good story and still profit from it. Sadly those days seem to be at an end. Now you are forced to write to follow trends not write what your heart is telling you to because you want to survive and make ends meet.
I pray God will help and strenghten African literature. And writers in every genre be given an equal chance to sit at the world's literally table without being pegged or forced into a niche, because it is what the world expects us to write about. Thank you

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