Thursday, July 7, 2016

The thing about pain

I know a bit about pain. Am being modest, I know a lot about pain. Whether it's the physical pain which came a lot in my earlier years or the emotional one. That didn't come until much later.
We live in a world that is ruled by pain and unpleasantness. A world where even the most basic form of dignity comes at a steep cost, which is fighting life for every good thing you want from it.
Growing up it was more of fighting to stay alive. My body was troubled by a sickness that brought the most awful of pains upon me.
There were days I actually prayed for death, if it would only bring peace and an escape from the pain. But death never came. He had other plans for me.
The long and short of it is I survived. He sustained me.
If you are out there going through any sort of pain of hard sentence... Believe me when I say he can fix what's ailing you
 Who you may ask is this miracle worker. His name is God and his loving partner is Jesus.
If you haven't then invite them into your life and he will make everything that concerns you to be perfected.
Invite him as I did and be free of all pain .. The same way he did to me... I know he will do for you. As unfaithful as I am he still blesses and increases me.
To God be the glory

P.S if you feel the need to commit your life to Christ say this prayer after me
Lord Jesus, I come to you today, I know am a SINNER and Jesus Christ died on the cross for me. Wash me clean with your blood, fill me with your precious goodness. Thank you Lord for saving me
 Now I know am born again. Jesus is Lord. Thank you for reading. God bless 

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