Wednesday, July 27, 2016

God and Man

God and Man ___ or dare I say man and God. A convulated and complicated relationship if ever there was one. Not on God's side __ God is simple and straight to the point. With him there is no variance. He hasn't changed for thousands of years so it's highly unlikely he'll change now.
The problem always begins with man. We never seem to be able to keep to the terms of the agreement.
Its simple really __ do this and I'll do this __ you don't do this and you'll suffer this. But do we listen? Na!
I am one of the greatest non listeners. I will say something for him though __ he is the greatest. Super cool, super strong and above all super HOLY. The bible calls him the thrice holy God whose eyes are too pure to behold iniquity.
I ask myself sometimes how does a deeply flawed man measure up to that? I don't even want to imagine what our fate would have been if he didn't send Jesus Christ. And even with Jesus its highly debatable most of us will enter the paradise called heaven.
All we can do is pray right __ Once when I sat down and started listing the things the Bible counts as sin I almost lost my faith. With that long list I surmised it would be impossible for anyone to make heaven. But someone opened me up to a nugget of wisdom which states our lives are hid in Christ. That doesn't mean God condones sin, it just means that when we do fall into sin and we truly repent and ask forgiveness he is merciful enough to forgive us.
God is wonderful. Humans are undeserving of his love and mercy. I ask myself sometimes why he loves us. We are a deeply flawed species, evil for the most part and seemingly incapable of obeying even the most simple of directives.
But I guess that's why he is God right? And that's why he is extremely worthy to be praised. Thank you Lord for saving me, and release grace upon me and anyone else who wishes to do better by you. Thank you Lord.

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