Friday, July 8, 2016

The blame equation - Jonathan effect

I believe one of humanity's greatest failings is the ability to condemn and judge others. One thing I have noticed about most people is they always feel they can do things better than the one who actually did it.
That's why I pay little mind to the sport commentators who analyze games during and after the matches. Except if the person is a former sports man or woman seasoned in that sport I find what opinions he or she puts forward of little value.
A wise man once said don't judge me until you walk a mile in my shoes. Where am I going with this?
In my country people have taken to condemning the past president calling him all manner of unprintable names, the most polite being that he is clueless.
That may be the truth. A lot of bad stuff happened under his watch which shouldn't have but I want all Nigerians to ask ourselves a sincere question... Would we do better if we were in his shoes?
Do you know what it means to head a country of at least 150 million people where sixty percent of them are corrupt.
I remember when the present administration was about to be sworn in, people were excited. They said they voted for change. Now a year later that change appears to have made things worse for all Nigerians.
Fuel prices have gone through the roof, most of the state governor's are not paying workers salaries. In ondo for instance workers haven't been paid for six months.
But under the administration of the supposedly clueless person petrol was 87 naira a litre as opposed to 145naira a litre which is what we have now.
The argument for that is that they had to remove the fuel subsidy because it wasn't sustainable. All manner of excuses have been put into play but it cannot hide one unmistakable fact, things are worse now than they were before.
It's amusing to see people condemn the past administration. Forgetting that he is the first Nigerian president we've had in a while who willingly relinquished power so peace could reign.
Instead of condemning him why not commend him for the few good things he did? It's not like you would do any better if you were in his shoes. If the Nigerian boat was that easy to captain why haven't we reached our promised land yet?
Instead of spending precious time laying the blame game, why don't we join hands and help pull the nation out of the quagmire it is presently.
I like what Michael Jackson said in his song Man in the mirror. Quit complaining and be the change you so richly desire by first starting with yourself. At least sixty percent of our population has a penchant for corruption. Why don't we all focus on fixing our shortcomings and in so doing change our troubled nation. Whining and complaining never solved anything. It's doing that changes.
You WANT CHANGE? Then be the change you want to see. When next that person comes to offer a bribe say no.
When next you are pressured to lie be determined to tell the truth. When we begin to do this and more our change will come. Thanks 

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