Friday, June 29, 2012

Call for an Absolution

I am speaking into the wind
Telling tales of what I see
As a man with one voice
I cry to him
My cries echoes over the hills
Trembling the earth beneath his feet
I wait and I listen
For a while I think he does not hear me

Its then I hear him speak
Peace my son….. be still
One think makes me exist
It is the possibility that maybe
I can be a better man for him
But my lusts, hunger
Betray me
I look at her and all I want
Is the freedom only she can give
But even this thought is SIN

Now I am on a cliff
My eyes on the skies
Waiting for what
Only he can tell me
I am a man
A voice that hungers for an absolution
My feet are planted
My eyes fixed on the setting sun
The darkness comes
And soon it will be high lonesome
Then I would have to wait once again
For the rising sun

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