Thursday, June 28, 2012

Remembering and not remembering

I don't remember who am supposed to be
I don't remember how am supposed to become free
I don't remember how this thing....
Came to become me
I don't remember when i lost my will
I don't remember her
Even the words she said we used to speak
I don't remember the love
That when she spoke of it
Her eyes shone with
And in a strange way i felt such peace
I don't remember when i stopped caring about anyone or anything
All i remember is this......
I remember when walking alone became sweet
I remember the pain in my eyes
when i realized i was chasing a dream
A myth
I remember the day it became clear to me
Who I was supposed to be
I remember realizing the only person i can count on is HIM
And amongst mortals ME
The fam, the sibs
I remember the day i started to live
To breathe
When every debris was taken away from me
It was when you left...
I thank God that I AM FREE

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