Friday, June 29, 2012

Scattered thoughts

The voice again puts pen to paper
In the distance I hear the laughter
My heart burns with a hunger
While banks in Europe smell disaster
Her eyes, the love fades into the ever after
While I chase the dream my God, my father
Gave to me
To quench this thirst and assuage this hunger

You don’t know me
Your love is sweet …. But after
It is as bitter
As a deep blue sea
Filled with cankerworm that has scattered

I am a voice
That needs to be heard
A voice misunderstood
A voice that can’t get others to see as I do
I am a voice on a feud
A voice trying to tell a story
That might perhaps make some sense to you

The land is cold
And it is cruel
Who would know it better than you?
Than me
What can this voice accomplish?
Without you and me
If this voice speaks,
Writes and you do not hear and read
Then I have failed my father in the task
He sent me to achieve
God in heaven help me

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