Friday, June 29, 2012

The terrible things I have seen

I have lived a charmed existence I believe
God has always been right beside me
When I think of all the terrible things I have seen
I once saw a man whose skin was yellow
His eyes mellow and so yellow
They were almost red
I asked and I was told his liver had failed
I saw another
He was lame
His skin was Grey
Blood seeping from both sides of his mouth
The sight was insane
I asked
And was told he had a disease I could not name
Another came
Walking in
Barely a month later
They wheeled him out so lean
He looked like a skeleton on stilts
There was another who screamed
Wailed and cried for hours
Before death pried
Him from his tenuous hold to life
I remember the cries…
Remember my cries
The horror before my eyes
I can only thank God I am alive
Because all the horrors I have seen
Are too terrible to describe

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