Saturday, June 2, 2012


The song in my heart is real
You do not hear it
Neither can you see
I believe I have to be
Before I can share this song with anyone besides me

I can’t describe the feel
Can’t describe the joy this song brings
You look at me
And I see the puzzlement
Shinning deep in the oasis of your eyes

You don’t get me
And in some ways I don’t get you too
How can you not hear?
How can you not see?
Hope for perfection is what this song brings
It lifts me
To where I ought to be
Takes me to a realm where the sky is green
And the grass blue
The world you can’t know
The window to my soul

The song in my soul
Brings warmth
Brings growth
You can’t hear it
So there is no point fighting
No point striving
From here on out I walk alone
Till I find someone who will hear
Appreciate the rhythm inside me
The one who will be
The one I won’t have to ask to leave

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