Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Iron man suits



  • Stark  •  9 hours ago
    When will we see the Hulk-Buster??
    • Vincent 9 hours ago
      when Tyler became She-Hulk.
    • Kyle 6 hours ago
    • Joseph 6 hours ago
      Did anyone else notice that he still was using his circle shaped reactor in his chest, but he upgraded to the triangle shape reactor in Iron Man 2, before giving the company to Penny. Just saying.
  • NONE  •  5 hours ago
    Truely glad to see Downey aquire two major characters that he has made his own
  • Slowpoke Rodriguez  •  Sunnyvale, California  •  8 hours ago
    Hulk Buster
  • Andrew F  •  Kalamazoo, Michigan  •  3 hours ago
    There are enough spare parts laying around to make another suit.
  • Arcadian  •  5 hours ago
    Bah, whats taking them so long, Stark has hundrfed of these armor made, even the promethous was made where is that??
  • NONE  •  5 hours ago
    possibly now that he is such a beloved actor that he will no longer need the other
  • Dude  •  5 hours ago
    cant wait... RDJ is perfect as stark, and shane black is a great writer and fair director. I am not happy with the direction if they are going extremis, i am sure they might pull it off, but i have to cross my fingers... part 3's are death to a franchise when it comes to comic book films.
    • Realist 3 hours ago
      Nolan will change that hopefully...
    • Dude 3 hours ago
      @Realist... the key word is hopefully... thus far i have not been too happy with everything i have seen... trailers, posters, marketing, and the god awful casting of anne hathaway... yep she is like neil diamond... you either love her, or hate her.
    • Al-Faqir Pengembara 1 hour 34 minutes ago
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  • Roger  •  6 hours ago
    Gotta love it !
  • James  •  6 hours ago
    Wasn't the mk III just a painted mk II?
    • Zachary 2 hours 26 minutes ago
      kudos to you
  • Robert  •  9 hours ago
    GUY'S the hulkbuster suite is too slow he cant move in it ..and HULK STILL SMASH ! it looks good but it dont work.......the same with the original suit way stronger but it is not worth the speed he gives up....HULKBUSTER is even slower...
  • Greg Bowlin  •  Jackson, Mississippi  •  9 hours ago
    This movie should show Tony working with Dr. Banner to make the Hulkbuster since all of the other Avengers will get their own movie b/t now and Avengers 2, except Hulk.
    • Carlton 8 hours ago
      Hulkbuster armor just gets busted up.
    • Ric 7 hours ago
      Ruffalo has a couple of Hulk Movies worldwide that were supposedly more in the realm of the depiction in Avengers...they never brought them here because the character was saturated with too many variations...Ruffalo is scheduled to do three more movies ..
    • Perrey 6 hours ago
      They made 2 Hulk movies before. Both were failures. Ruffalo seems more like he'd be believable in the role.
  • real reviewer  •  4 hours ago
    For the ppl saying about the money the suits cost, I thought he was like a billionaire many times over! And robert downey jr is great as an actor. I thought they were just keep going with avenger movies? Not milk the cow for all they superheroes- thor 2 ,another hulk, how hawk-eye became himself etc.....! Get ready for lots of comicbook movies.
    • Your Mom 10 minutes ago
      Oh no Sir! the Films Iron Man 1 - Avengers is Marvel Studios' Phase 1. Phase 2 consists of Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 in 2013 and Captain America and a mystery movie not yet announced (Heavily rumored to be Edgar Wrights' Ant-Man) in 2014 along with perhaps the announced Guardians of the Galaxy movie, which would go into detail of Thanos. They've planed to do sequels for all the films before the first even came out. No Hulk, Hawkeye, or Black Widow has been announced, but Kevin Fiege (Head of Marvel Studios') and Samuel L. Jackson have heavily hinted on a Mission Impossible like SHIELD movie.
  • Bob Jackson  •  Shreveport, Louisiana  •  5 hours ago
    They couldnt have picked a better guy to play that role and thank God they found a real David Banner!
  • Lionel and Jack  •  Irvine, California  •  9 hours ago
    I have a soft spot in my heart for the original, clunky armor -- as this was how Iron Man was introduced to me way back when. The updates are more practical, of course, but they kind of remind me of Robocop.
  • BountyHunterBinks  •  Corvallis, Oregon  •  1 hour 40 minutes ago
    I remember when he would carry his armor in a briefcase. That was awhile ago (mid seventies) but that was when I was first introduced to Iron Man.
  • Ha! Ha! Ha!  •  8 hours ago
    Interesting pic but in total it seems like only one suit has been added as of this pic's filming. Think about it marks 1-3 were made in Iron Man one, 4-6 were worn in Iron Man two. through simple subtraction that leaves 1 suit(obviously by the looks of them all the one on the far right)
  • mark  •  1 hour 51 minutes ago
    none of this is gay for rdj
  • Lowell  •  Federal Way, Washington  •  8 hours ago
    The making of Ironman 3 ...sweet.
  • Paul  •  Richardson, Texas  •  8 hours ago
    Iron Man 3 will be amazing.. I already know this. I just can't wait....
  • America's Bane  •  6 hours ago
    When are they going to introduce the Manderan? He's only Iron Man's top enemy in the comics!

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