Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What they say

They say it becomes right in the end
They say the time you spend
The emotions, love you expend
Will mean something
At length

He says …. Look at me
I look up … as far as my eyes can see
I know where I am supposed to be
I feel….
And when I do, whatever is grim
Dissipates into the four winds
He is my kin
He gave me these feelings
My words… is this a dream?

Or maybe the world I find myself in
Is bleak
I see things
I feel……HIM
In retrospect I realize I always did
I was destined to follow where
He leads

I guess it becomes right in HIM
My dreams
Tell me the exact same thing
How far does this road lead?
“Father” remains behind my lips
“Soon my son….. soon
And then he breathes on me
All I feel now is PEACE


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