Friday, June 29, 2012

Fate and me

It was bliss
That day there was so much peace
Few happy moments could compare
To this
You were with me
And for a second
I felt something real
And permanent had finally come to me

Alas it was not to be
You were just like the others
A traitor
The adjustment bureau warned me about this
But silly me
I would not heed

Now it’s the same place
Same space
And I see
This is how it is meant to be
I am on a journey
For now only HE
Can go with me
Only then will there be peace

The others
Do not see what I see
I don’t hate them for it
I don’t resent her
The fault always lay with me
I did not want to accept
How it had to be
It is my destiny
I have to come to terms with it
He alone knows where this leads
And I must follow him to find my peace
So I can be free

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