Saturday, June 2, 2012

You and me

You and me
Or so it seemed
I don’t know what happened
And how this could be

It was you and me
There was nothing
I didn’t have
Or nothing I couldn’t be
It was you and me
I was free
You had my back
And I was complete
Till you left
And I am in a place I should not be

It was you and me
Space time continuum
Was me and I was it
It was you and me
You were the jet fuel
In my engines
You and me
On the highway
Speeding my foot on the gas
Feeling so complete
The world at my feet

You and me
I am on my own in that same car
Staring down that same highway
As I reminisce
You and me
You are gone
And I am where I use to be
You and me……

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