Tuesday, June 26, 2012


What a strange, curious little thing
I am beginning to doubt it exists
I mean look all around you
Be honest and tell me what you see
“You’re silent.”
The sigh comes even before I can help it
All I see is chaos
Hate… people stepping on others
Killing, dying for one shot at greatness
A stagnant pool
Selfishness, GREED
And you sit there and tell me
This is love
Are you for real?
Can’t you see the grief?
The mourning, hopelessness
Bombs falling, exploding,
Limbs flying
Mothers with dead children crying
And you sit there and tell me
Love is not lying?
What is it?
Answer me!!!
I can’t hear you over the crying
The sighing
The bound, the chained
Begging for salvation
Crying for an absolution
The hands of those we seek solace from
Are the same ones
That punish us for being us
The earth breathes nothing but dust
Care, love devotion is lost
Lost in a chaotic miasma
Even the gods could not unravel
There is one source
One love
He alone knows where it hurts
Where I hurt
And a whole host of others
Searching for what we feel is lost
I hear him call
Not hear exactly
I feel him call
I feel his love
But I am afraid
Because of the war
A part of me shudders to think
What he thinks
About me
Only him
Everything else is just a cross
Every journey is a wandering in the land of the lost
I look to the heavens and I feel his love
I want to go there
But I have to be here
Show me the true meaning father
The true meaning of your love

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