Saturday, December 1, 2012

A prayer that should not be prayed

If you were to say a prayer what would it be?
I can almost hear you think
Money, power, oh good grief
On an average day
That would also be my prayer
And also my dream
But not today
How could that be?
I can almost hear you ask me
My prayer tonight would be
Let this anger drain out of me
Let me
Not care what will be
Not care whatever it is
Those silly fiends
Do in real
Life or even in their dreams
Not giving a gnat's ass is fine by me
Caring for people who don't care about themselves is ...
I gotta say damn stupid!
I hate talking to someone and they are not listening
I hate being....
It sucks believe me
I prefer being free
Its easier to ride the waves
And the winds
Have a sense of freedom
Than the captivity of liking someone
Who is a lout
Who doesn't see what you see
That's beginning to sound
Quite tempting
I am tired of being
The guy who cares
And it is a waste
A pitiful and very stupid dream
Who cares anyway?
Its time I live for me
People sometimes are not worth
Wasting your sweat, blood and concern over
Whatever! Its time to be free!
That's the me
I want to see
The other me brings nothing but hurt to me

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