Wednesday, December 12, 2012


There are few things in life that stay with you when you see them
There are many things you see and you want to possess them
But then there are other things
That stun you into silence when you hear of them
Or even feel them
There are some moments when seeing becomes part of feeling

It boils from the depths of your being
Something that is akin
To insight, a revelation,
Kinda like what a computer would feel when jacked into the internet and downloading
There is something that goes beyond thought, beyond sensory perception,
Beyond telepathy, the barest flicker of a thought
It goes beyond love, sex, hurt, loss
You know something you cannot explain to anyone if you tried
Something that could stay with you till the day you died
Emotions and secrets your heart would do all to hide
And when asked you will be unable to describe
A language from the sentient parts of our soul
Where all emotions go

It was inexplicable emotions like this
I felt when I first saw your lips
Your eyes in the picture in front of me
I felt I could reach in
And pull you out of it
Time, space and distance meant nothing
All that mattered was your smile
The universe paused and I did not wonder why
I was lost in time
Trapped in the beauty of your eyes
And the exquisiteness of your smile
God worked a master piece and when he formed you am sure he smiled
You are belle
And now I say farewell
Because I have nothing more to write
I remain captivated by the beauty in your eyes

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