Tuesday, December 11, 2012

On my own but not lonely

On my own
But not alone
Does that make sense?
Like a dull penny and sixty cents
First time those words were spoken
I lent
An ear and learnt
She sat in front of me
Three feet away or was it two
And she schooled me on what I had to do
Her eyes shone with concern
I could see the worry in them
As she wondered whether I was getting it wrong

I became the pattern son
It was at that moment I stopped being on my own
The words
Alone but not lonely
Spoke louder than words
Crisis within
When treated with love

I am on my own most of the time
She said
But I am not alone or lonely
She said with soft kind words
It occurred to me at that instant
That there was true depth
In what she was saying
No longer was a guy like me
At war with all that lay before me
On my own but not lonely
That said it all

She is not here but I will forever treasure those words
Now I am on my own
But not lonely
So I guess the battle is won
Thank you for making me see the sun
This is to you mum

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